About Us

We are a Christian faith-based not-for-profit public charity, established in 2012 by willing volunteers, in order to reach the large and growing medically and legally underserved low-income U.S. populations who, just like everyone else, need immediate access to the necessary information, the competent guidance, and the legal documentation that all American adults need to have in place immediately after reaching their 18th birthday. Too much unnecessary suffering, heartache, financial stress, and agony is befalling millions of Americans right now only because they did not put these vital legal documents in place and empower their loved ones to make decisions on their behalf, if ever needed.

Now, you can use this website to get your own ABSOLUTELY FREE or VERY LOW-COST Advance Medical Directive, Last Will & Testament, and Power-of-Attorney legal documents prepared before it’s too late. YOU CAN DO THIS ON THE TELEPHONE OR THE COMPUTER. NO FACE-TO-FACE OR IN- PERSON MEETING IS EVER REQUIRED.

This groundbreaking outreach ministry won a nationwide Top Innovators Award from the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging the very same year that it also was named the First-Place Best Practices in Aging Award winner by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, as well as the Commonwealth Council on Aging. Faith to Fate was honored for distributing, in direct partnership with churches and other non-profit organizations, Advance Medical Directives, Wills, and Powers of Attorney legal documents absolutely free-of-charge to thousands of low-income individuals, families, and others in financial need. We also provide hard-to-find medically-supervised access to Medicare’s new Advance Care Medical Planning Conversation benefit in association with Sacient Advance Care Planning, the nationwide leader in pioneering professional medical planning conversations that are competently delivered in non-medical settings.

Please join us and help to continue this vital outreach ministry work by making your own tax-deductible contribution, right here on this website. Or you can mail your helpful donation to us at P.O. Box 3586, North Chesterfield, VA 23235. We need, and gratefully welcome, your support and generosity!